About the Company
We Have 23 Years Of Experience
Class act cleaning company was founded on one main principle, quality customer service. Our company founder has been in the plumbing service industry for 23 years. He heard the frustrations from his customers with the cleaning industry. After trying many cleaning companies, they felt like giving up. Our founder decided to take action, and Class Act Cleaning Company was founded. Class Act Cleaning Company is the last cleaning company you will need, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee you will never be disappointed in our services.
We don’t just clean for you, we also clean for your pets! Tired of cleaning up after your dog or cat? We offer dog waste pick up in your yard. We also offer kitty litter box service! Why just treat yourself? Treat your pets with the best too, and take back your time.

We only use cleaning supplies that are safe around children and pets. We never use harsh chemicals in your home. We would never use cleaning supplies in your home that we wouldn’t use in our own home.
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